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Product Description

     In China, the  bamboo,pine and plum are called the "three cold-weather friends ". Plum is the national fllower of China. It's not beautiful as rose, not gogeous as sakura,You seldom see it in spring. It just bloom in winter. But that is why we Chinse so love it. Its stick-at-itiveness.its modesty...   Throughout the history,Plum is  also the source of inpiration of a great many Chinese poets and painter. Plum is like a symbol of Chinese nation. This keyset contain some Chinese traditinal elements like ink painting.I beilieve you will fall in love with it.We support customized orders right now. If there are something  you want  to print on your keycap or some special sized keycap(for mass production only) .Besides, we are recuiting business partner. If you are interest in Machanical keyboard or something related. Or want to do business with us. Please contact us. 


Promotion Info:

Because of  the  mass production during these day. There are some inferior quality keysets that we can't sell  in stock. But many customers want us to send some keys  as an extra suprise. So, we decide to start a promotion. Thanks for your support during the past one year. Here are  some details. As long as you order two keysets in our store. We'll send you another  random keyset with some defects for free .




Compatible with Cherry MX switches and related clone

Made of PBT ensuring both durability and feeling

They're designed according to ANS

With Dye-Sub printing process

OEM &Cherry are both available

108 keys(blank for extra 4 keys only)and 104keys are both available

We support different letter-printing(blank,top,side)


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