Army Green


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Product Description

Notice:This month(Jan), all staffs and worker will back home for Chinese Spring Festival and staying with their family. You can order keycap set this month and I will reply you everyday. But the package will be sent out next month (In 6th Feb).We introduced three new versions in the middle of Dec. The Army GreenChildhood and Obsidian. We made a breakthrough recently. You can notice the letter is white with Dye-Sub. We are the first one to achieve that in China. The Army Green reminds me some famous shooting games. Like CS and Call Of Duty. I got my first computer when I was 13. After that I always play the war game and fell in love with something with war and army elements. Like clothes and study tool. I like the “tough guy” and gun. So, I always think that there isn’t terrible or good products in our web. I think: to our customers, there only the right one or not. Just find out the one belong to you. If there isn’t one fit you . Please send me an e-mail and tell me your appetite. Your absolute satisfaction is our unremitted persuit.We provide  top-printed(with letter on the top of keycap) and side-printed(with letter on the side) keycap. Or no-printed(without letter).If you  have different favor or any problems , Just sending me an message to  I will replying you as soon as possible.






Compatible with Cherry MX switches and related clone.

Made of PBT ensuring both durability and feeling.

They're designed according to ANSI.

With Dye-Sub printing process

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