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Please fill in your requirement(top-printed side-printed or blank) in the Paypal's reference column. The default order is side-printed.
And provide the phone number for us so that we can ship the keycaps for you.

Product Description

 Because our technician is on  a business vacation. We can't add the XDA profile in the profile options. (we support top printing and blank for XDA)

If you want get a XDA keyset. Please send me an e-mail( after paying the order. Sorry for such inconvenience to you. We'll figure them out soon.

Besides, we're also woking on build the mobile page.





Compatible switches: Cherry MX switches and related clones 
Keycap Material: PBT
Layout: ANSI Standard[104 or 108 key]
Profile: XDA, OEM, or Cherry
Print: Black Dye Sublimation or White  [INSERT DYE PROCESS HERE] 
I will send out your invoice within 2 days of receiving your order. 
If you want to change your order or have any problems please contact us!
It usually takes 15 days for you to receive your package.
Packages ship from China.  
Your absolute satisfaction is our unrelenting pursuit!